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EUGene Screenshots

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Main Menu
Recompute Variables
Data Set Creation: 4 Units of Analysis
Specify a Population of Cases
Sampling Procedures
Select Variable from Menu
Specify Specific Exclusions of Problematic Cases
Expected Utility variables
International Conflict Data
Initiator/Multiple MID settings
User Data Sets

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Main Menu






recompute variables screenBack to Top



Recompute Variables






create datasets screenBack to Top




Create datasets with 4 different units of analysis




Create command file screenBack to Top


Create command file to read into data analysis program




specify population screenBack to Top


Specify a population of cases




Sampling options screenBack to Top


Options for different sampling procedures




select variables screenBack to Top


Select variables from menu




specify exclusions screenBack to Top


Specify specific exclusions of problematic cases




specify expected utility variables screenBack to Top


Specify which expected utility variables to be included from the War Trap or War and Reason



specify conflict variables screenBack to Top


Specify which conflict variables to be included from MID, ICB, or Maoz




specify initiators screenBack to Top


Specify how to treat initiators and multiple MIDs




specify data sets screenBack to Top


Select from a variety of downloadable data sets




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